10 Tips in choosing your wedding flowers

10 tips in choosing your wedding flowers wedding planner planning amoretti tips diary team


1 – Choose seasonal flowers, this is the easiest way to get beautiful flowers on your wedding day! Because they will be cheaper and you can ensure you will get them.


2 – Choose a receptive and creative florist who can propose you inspiration. Like all your other providers, your florist should be on the same wavelength as you and your half. If you chose a rustic country atmosphere, make sure that his universe match with yours, and you will not end up with painted banana leaves in your bouquet. For that, don’t hesitate to show pictures of your location, of your dress or your ideas. And once you find your pearl, trust them, they know their area of expertise.


3 – Mix sizes of flowers. There is no better way to liven up your composition. For large flowers, you will have the David Austin roses, peonies, or dahlias, which will gain subtlety when associated with berries.


4 – Some flowers are more expensive than others (such as peonies). If for reasons of budget you have to cut down a few flowers on your budget, put more peonies if they are your favourite flowers in your bouquet, and a little less on the tables, mixing with Hydrangea. Big impact guaranteed!


5 – Don’t forget the foliage (and not just grass and ivy!) They are prefect to liven up your compostion too. Eucalyptus, cineraria silver, grasses, succulents, enjoy! And do not forget the berries neither !


6 – Give your florist a list of your favourite flowers, so you can be sure that they are seasonal matching. With this list, your florist will be able to work with the colours and the style chosen. The florist will be dependent on what flowers are available so give them a working base, and let them be creative depending on the market.


7 – And regarding your budget? There’s something for every budget. It is best to set your budget, and ask your florist what he/she can within that. Depending on your mood and style of your wedding, they will tell you what you can get. From £300 to £3000, there are beautiful things to do whatever your budget. You can also think about origami flowers which are cheapest and maybe more creative (play with shapes and colours!)


8 – If you chose to make your floral arrangements yourself for the big day, because of the budget, or because you like it, remember to leave enough time to make them. Because 1 bridal bouquet, 8 buttonholes, 3 wreaths for your bridesmaids, 16 bench decorations for the church, 10 compositions for the cocktail, and 17 centrepieces, takes time. You may have something else to do the night before your wedding…


9 – Using potted plants or fruit can be a nice way to cut the cost of your centrepieces.


10 – Do not neglect your bridal bouquet, it will be on all the pictures! You should budget for your bouquet first, it should be around 10%.



Amoretti Team