A same-sex wedding, Perugia

Stuart and Carlo celebrate a same-sex wedding

Love is unpredictable, unconditional and makes your world better. A same-sex wedding is a proof anyone could fall in love! Getting married near Perugia is a dream coming true.

Stuart and Carlo decided to get married in Italy because of one of the groom Italian heritage. Having a same-sex wedding in Italy meant happiness, great food, sun and gelato!!!! Yes, gelato! To recall why Carlo’s family arrived in the UK and made their fortune creating superb flavours.

Italian authenticity was the real theme for the wedding. It was an original way put in relation the origins of the couple and the way how they succeed in the UK.

“Family style” they called, and so it was! Share a moment with family is important and more for a wedding. The simplest things are generally the best ones. Enjoy your moments with your family and friends and take away the reality from you. I manage all of you in order to get you the best memories as possible.

The location near Perugia crowned such a special event. The lavish interiors on the castle emphasised why Italy is the most impressive countries to celebrate one of the happiest days of your life.


Wedding Stationery has been designed by MarryMe by Amoretti