Abruzzo wedding venue, Villa Perenich

Abruzzo wedding venue, an emotional wedding for Sara & Javier

“The most beautiful day of our life. To wake up and see the pure beauty of the white orchids, the embroidered pillow with shining golden rings, sheer tulle and ivory satin as decorations filled my heart of joy, serenity and excitement in Abruzzo wedding venue. A mix of emotions that could be seen through the sparkle of my eyes and the smile of my mother.

Wearing the Dress has been a Magic Moment. It’s incredible the power that it had on me. The joy became pure excitement and I suddenly got very emotional. When I came out of my bedroom I looked at my sister and I saw the same sparkle I had in her eyes. She was outstanding, the perfect made of Honour. I calmed down as soon as my dad took my hand and walked toward the car with me in.

Simple gestures are the most important during such an important Day. Looking at Javier’s eyes once arrived in the church warmed my soul.

Every detail was perfectly set up, candles, flowers, ribbons, rise; a wonderful mix of textures and colours. The time was managed extremely well without leaving any rushed or dead moments. The intermezzo was studied to give to this wedding the Perfect Mood.

Flamenco dancers, live band and Dj’s made the party suitable for everybody. It has been the perfect day of our life because we felt our love shared by the others. In every single moment during the event, we have been surrounded by a halo of Happiness and love thank a Bespoke event from Amoretti Weddings!”

Sara & Javier