Usually, brides will say that they can’t imagine the wedding day without the groom – that’s certainly true but Emiliana played just as an important role for us!
She was in my case my knight with shining stationary, ribbons and Swarovski crystals and all within 48 hours…
Finding myself without invitations and place cards two months before the wedding was not only due to the fact that I am highly disorganised but also extremely picky – I refuse to settle for anything other than perfection.
I wanted to have an extremely elegant solution for a reasonable price and this was nowhere to be found until one panic ridden night whilst trawling through the hundreds of totally average stationery offerings I found THE ONE!!!

Even before meeting Emiliana and her uber efficient and wonderful team I knew this was it – i had fallen madly in love with the incredible designs, the flawless taste, the exotic creativity and the oh so modest cost.
Yes, I too could have the stationary worthy of a top celebrity wedding, my dreams had come true! When I met Emiliana and we discussed my requirements I cannot describe how utterly devoted and enthusiastic she was, pouring all her energy into the task and coming up with a totally stunning unique design just for us and then producing it en mass in 2 days to meet our crazy deadline. Her ideas and the passion with which she executes them makes me want to get married over and over again – this was the least stressful and most delightful part of my wedding planning, I am truly grateful and forever indebted to the wonderful Amoretti!
With much love and thanks,