Best Honeymoon destination 2015

What is more thrilling than organising your wedding day? 

Organising your honeymoon!

Here are the best destinations of 2015:




Go on an adventure with your loved one and see incredible new landscapes, wild and free. It’s the perfect time to make several dreams come true as seeing wild lions or elephants and escape from reality during your honeymoon.



8beb1900e9b524bd2f750c9129f6d262 Paris is the city of love. There is no better city in the world to express your love and rediscover his magic. Walk around the city visiting the most romantic places and at night go to cabaret after an intimate dinner for two. The better season to go on a honeymoon in Paris is spring time.



9fbe8681c4c6cf3bcf8cef4d9f89c408 If you and your loved one have sea legs, we recommend you the honeymoon cruise trough the Mediterranean sea. Our favorite places to visit are the Cyclades island (greek island) and Ibiza! Honeymoon is also a celebration so let’s party with your half during a stop in Ibiza …



548ee5ab930ebo Ok, this is heaven. No need to argue here.



549acdb2f3e8eo Well, Iceland is a timeless place where you’re going to be amazed by all its treasure. Whales, hot springs, geyser, auroras and wild waterfalls will give rhythm to your honeymoon making it one-of-kind.



68261e398298398b7c3ee96d9104f16a Wanting a cosy and romantic honeymoon? Charming house in Scotland will put you and your newly hubby in a cocoon. Spent all of your time in hot bath, drinking champagne/coffee at the fireplace after walking on wild cliff through the wind. Doing your honeymoon in Scotland will bring you authentic memories.



c35762f236864e237dcaeb3ce1c05aba Fan of skiing and thinking that snow is magic and so romantic? Well go to Switzerland for your honeymoon!



Best honeymoon destinations 2015 paris iceland mexico mediteranean sea china Africa switzerland maldives Feeling like an adventurer lead by freedom? Go on a road trip with your hubby ! We recommend you the country of cactus, tequila, beautiful desert and beaches. Take a sun bath for your honeymoon but keep driving trough the country to see all its treasures. We are sure you will spend the time of your life there with your loved one. MEXICO, MEXIIIIIIICOOOO !


Don’t hesitate to achieve your dreams at two.



Amoretti Team, wishing you the best for 2015.