Soft, Gentle and Candlelight Wedding Venues Italy

Candle Light Wedding

There is something about candle lights that make weddings look magical. It could be, perhaps, because they were present that evening that the couple went on their first date, just because candles easily create a romantic effect. Either way, candle light wedding is for you if you are not interested in anything casual by modern standards.

As experts in wedding, and lighting as it relates to events, you can count on us to light your wedding event with romance simply by creatively using candle lights. It doesn’t matter whether you are celebrating indoors or outdoors; we have an excellent formula that blends candlelight with the available furniture at your event. 

When you choose Amoretti as your candlelight wedding planners, you are sure to get that romantic feel that you deserve on your wedding day. So impressive have the candlelight wedding events we planned been that some singles who attend them express the desire to wed, and we have helped many of such individuals achieve their dreams.

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