Castello di Rosciano wedding, Umbrian Hills

Castello di Rosciano wedding: an Art Deco wedding style in Umbria, Lucia and Nick

When they came to Amoretti, Lucia and Nick wanted to celebrate their wedding respecting traditional rules. So a Castello di Rosciano wedding on Umbrian Hills was perfect for them. What’s is most traditional than getting married in the oldest Church of Umbria?

The wedding ceremony was so simple and elegant. It was very emotional, romantic and cheerful. The Italian procession was formed by the original Fiat 500 for the bridegrooms and vintage Vespas. What a joy to feel this warm Italian atmosphere!!

As well as they wanted to be traditional as they wanted to be creative and original. All the wedding was inspired by Art Deco theme with a hint of 1920’s vibes. The dinner area ornated by peacock feather, tropical foliage, pearl and antique accessories. All the bespoke stationery was created by our in-house graphic designer.

The colours of the wedding were pinks, creams, emerald green and gold which are the essence of the luxury. In fact, they looked like a real royal couple. By the way, it was an elegant and lovely wedding in Italy in one of the most beautiful locations of Umbria.

The wedding was very well coordinated. All guests were free to relax and enjoy the day. If they needed anything then they just need to ask and it was going to be delivered right away.

It’s been such an amazing journey, I actually feel a bit sad that it’s all over

Miss you guys