Destination Jewish wedding in Borgo Citta di Castello, Italy

Jenny and Neil and their Destination Jewish wedding in Borgo Citta di Castello

When Jenny and Neil arrived in Amoretti office didn’t really know what they would like to have on their wedding day. They only knew they wanted to get married in Umbria because Jenny childhood link. In fact, Jenny is English but she grew up in Rome and her family had a country house in Umbria. They wanted a destination Jewish wedding.

Moreover, they used to stay in a borgo near Citta Di Castello, which was an abandoned town since the Second World War in Umbria, then restored in the 1980s.

For their destination Jewish wedding decoration, they asked us to do a rustic design but with a modern feeling. So, we tried to bring as much nature as possible into the town and the decoration. Besides, the centrepiece was made with olive trees raised onto a metal structure to resemble the trunk of a tree. The decoration of the table had also an other meaning. Trees in the Jewish religion represent life and transmission. By planting a tree today, it will survive us, our children and our grandchildren.

Finally, the wedding was well managed, it was like an Italian family street party. The atmosphere was friendly and festive, the only thing our J & N couple had to do was enjoy the most special day of their lives.