DIY: Christmas Calendar

Do you have the tradition to customise your Christmas calendar? you don’t have to wait for Christmas to try it! Let’s start now!

  • First of all, take some clothes pegs and customise them on your taste  (see pic 1-2-3)
  • after you done this, write or print some easy tips to follow each day, for you, your family or friends. ex: make hot chocolate for breakfast – pop corn and film night – let’s play a table game – start you christmas three – write your letter to Santa Claus – never say no – invite a friend to take a coffee with you…(pic 4)
  • Design your 25 envelops and put inside each tip (pic 5)
  • Finally, take one picture frame and use a string, the clothes pegs and the envelops to assemble your Christmas Calendar.
    We’re waiting for your photos: Have fun.

Christmas calendar