DIY: Coaster Groomsmen Gift

C DIY groomsmen gift reate a unique groomsmen gift for the wedding party, or your groom, with these customized rustic wood coasters.


Step 1: You will need…

  • wood coasters, like these
  • wood burning tool set (available on Amazon)
  • alphabet hot stamps (available on Amazon)


Step 2:  To create custom nameplate coaster, screw on the first letter of the name you want to stamp, to the wood burning tool. Then plug in and turn on and wait 3-5 minutes for the stamp to heat up.


Step 3: Stamp the first letter onto your coaster, leaving the stamp in place for 3-5 seconds before lifting straight up.


Step 4: Turn the wood burning tool off and wait for it to cool down. Then replace the letter you just used with the next letter in the name. Turn the tool on again and wait for it to heat back up. Once the tool has had time to heat back up, stamp the letter onto the coaster, just as you did with the first letter in the name.


Step 5: Repeat step 4 until the entire name has been spelled out.


Step 6: TADAAAH !