DIY: Dip Dyed Tags

DIY dip dyed tags


Step 1:  You will need…

  • Manilla Gift Tags (any size)
  • Watercolor Paints
  • Small Bowl or Mug
  • Water
  • Paper Towels


Step 2: Start by filing a mug or small container halfway with water. Then, add in a generous amount of watercolor paint and stir until completely mixed. Next, dip tags into the watercolor and water mixtures for 15-20 seconds.

Step 3: Once you’ve reached the desired color, remove from the container, and place onto a paper towel to let the tag dry.


Step 4: Repeat this process until you’ve completed the number of tags you’ll need for the occasion.


Step 5: Allow the tags to dry flat for several hours (up to 24 hours). Then, you can write messages / table numbers / names / etc on each tag with a pen.