Do the love dance !


On July 25th, a dancer work hard in order to surprise the one who became his wife. And the least we can say is that the result was stunning!
Indeed, united by a passion in life, Kirk Henning and his wife, Valerie Tellmann-Henning, are two professional dancers from the Richmond Ballet of Virginia, in the United States. And tto make their wedding  etched forever in the memory of his dear and loving, he remembered a confidence that she had made to him during the preparations.
The dream of seeing the groomsmen dancing for her.
It was then that in the greatest secrecy, he began work hard to prepare a wonderful show.
And so it is four months between his classes and preparation, he gave himself body and soul to fulfill the dream of his love.
The hardest? On 8 groomsmen, only 4 were also professional dancers!

An 8-minute video tour -day reports on the results of this hard work: