Opulent, Lavish and Elegant Wedding Venues Italy

Elegant Wedding Venues

If you are one of those people who are very willing to spend some real money to make their wedding the talk of the town, then a lavish event will give you the ultimate satisfaction. And if you desire a wedding that befits your opulence or personality, there is hardly a better place to celebrate it than on Italian soil.

Since Amoretti is Italy-based, with operations in London, we know every major location in Italy that exudes the grandeur you desire. From renaissance cathedrals that portray the artistic brilliance of legends long gone, to 5-star hotel halls that bring city life to full expression, and even special open spaces reserved for VIPs, we will give your wedding a royal touch.

In addition to location, we work with the best designers and decorators in the country. The professional caterers we work with are the cream of Italy’s very best, who are dedicated to providing food that’s completely out-of-the world on your wedding day.

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