How to be happy in your relationship…

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Today I’m talking about a subject that interests all of us, that touches us every day, makes us happy and makes us cry: Love, the true, the only one! We all already dreamed about Prince Charming when we were young, through our education, cartoons that rock our childhood, like a princess freed by her prince on a white horse, later this picture is changing significantly, yet we believe in it, but reality is different, except maybe in pretty woman!

Some couples take years, others are torn or live peacefully around you and yourself for that matter, need to know a variety of all these cases. The strength of a couple is built on several stages:

  • First, communication is the key to everything, not just talk about trivial matters but what matters to you or make you sad. It is easier to say that it will pass or it is not serious, but over time the gap widens and that is how we move away from each other. Presumably you think that it doesn’t interest your man or that he won’t understand but if you don’t try to speak you will never understand his thoughts in the subject.


  • Men are from Mars and women from Venus, so we think differently. Men are more pragmatic and synthetic, they do not need a long speech. We prefer the details, long debriefing goshawks thousand questions. Learn to look with the eyes of others to not give up at the first disappointment, step back on his feelings and understand each other.


  • Stay soldering during crisis, show to the other one that you are there for him. The woman is in emotional and analysis in contrast to the man who sometimes find it annoying and prefer an evening football trio, beer and friends. We too need time with our friends for shopping, small talk and confidences, respect these times, his secret garden is as important in everyday life. Grow your common passions: If you love traveling, sports or exhibitions, have joint projects in the areas that please you both to share, exchange and discover together.


  • Do not question everything at the first conflict: it is quite normal to not be all the time agreed, to have different operating modes depending on its character, that’s what makes the richness of couple arguing to better meet and especially to know more deeply.  


  • Nothing is ever fully acquired, love needs water every day like a plant: its time for love, attention, small simple gesture reinforce the complicity in your relationship.  


After experiencing all this, it may be that each have evolved differently and what was work before does not work anymore today. Then talk about what’s wrong, do not hesitate to also see a couple specialist, neutral and outside your bubble, to help you find concrete solutions. Finding a balance, being in full bloom in your relationship can sometimes take time, and go through a hostile period but as long as there is love, everything is still possible.