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One Marylebone Wedding for Briory and Phineas

Briony and Phineas enjoyed their One Marylebone wedding. It was a construction built in 1826. A beautiful building at the heart of London, perfect for the lifetime celebration. Enjoy the nature on the centre of a huge city.

The biggest worry of all our clients is the weather… to be or not to be….sunny or rainy weather??? Anyway, as a famous french quote “Mariage pluvieux, mariage heureux.” (Raining wedding, happy wedding). Let’s enjoy your wedding in London in this fantastic location: One Marylebone.

Well, lets bring the sun in our life anyway, let’s get an amazing design together, let’s make yellow the colour of our celebration! So Briony and Phineas did!!!!

Starting from a super chilled out breakfast at Phineas parents, girls do it at Briony’s, the wedding party was ready to go up the step of the amazing One Marylebone building.

Full of light and superb plasters, the top room was the perfect frame of any girl dream. After the ceremony, the margaritas cocktails were served at martini glasses and then the amazing dinner prepared from CreATE…… wow what a wedding.

😢 I miss you guys.

Wedding Stationery has been designed by MarryMe by Amoretti