Picture from fun365.orientaltrading.com

# partyhacker for an Astronauts theme party

If you are looking for tips and tricks for amazing Astronauts party favours, then welcome to # partyhacker!

Inspired by fun365.orientaltrading.com, here is how to create DIY rocket jet packs. You’ll need:

First, spray paint the soda bottles with the metallic paint and, once dry, join them by applying one strip of duct tape around the center of the bottles. Cut black felt into 2 inch stripes. Apply two pieces of felt to a strip of duct tape, making one long strap, repeat to make two complete straps and attach both to the bottles with duct tape. Then, to the bottom of each soda bottle, glue a party hat by applying hot glue on the inside rim. Finally, cover the spout of the bottle with duct tape and glue the colored tassels (two of each color) inside the spout. Trim the tassel “flames” to desired length.

Want more inspiration? Then come check out our Astronauts theme page and let’s get started!