# partyhacker – Butterfly

Butterfly partyhacker
Picture from countryhillcottage.com

# partyhacker for a Butterfly theme party

If you are looking for tips and tricks for amazing Butterfly party decorations, then welcome to # partyhacker !

Inspired by countryhillcottage.com, here is how to create DIY butterflies. You’ll need:

First, cut out different size squares from the tissue papers, neatly stack them so that all edges align and accordion fold the sheets. These will be the wings. Then, fold the wings in half and use thin wire to secure the butterly in the middle. Customize the wings by cutting the edges into fringes or other shapes. For the body, fold a piece of pipe cleaner into a V-shape, twist the bottom and curl the ends around a pencil. Finally, place the paper wings in the middle and twist the pipe cleaner one more time to secure the butterfly’s body in place. Use tape or ribbon to hang the butterflies.

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