Picture from taunieverett.com

# partyhacker for a Chinese theme party

If you are looking for tips and tricks for amazing Chinese party decorations, then welcome to # partyhacker!

Inspired by taunieverett.com, here is how to create DIY Chinese lanterns. You’ll need:

First, use the scissors to cut each red and black board to 6 x 11 inches, and fold each piece in half lengthwise. Then, each 1/2 inch make a cut from the folded edge up to the unfolded edge and stop at about 1 inch from the border, with the tape runner, join the lanterns ends. Roll up a piece of your white poster board and place it inside the lantern to let it fill the space, once positionned right, tape it in place. To decorate use the glitter tapes for the top and bottom of the lanterns. To finish, use bakers twine to tie the lanterns where you want them.

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