Picture from pressprintparty.com

# partyhacker for a Paris theme party

If you are looking for tips and tricks for amazing Parisian party games, then welcome to # partyhacker!

Inspired by pressprintparty.com, here is how to create DIY Eiffel Tower pinata. You’ll need:

First, print an Eiffel Tower template, place it on the carboard and cut it out, make sure to draw half circles on each bottom to represent the foot of the tower but don’t cut them out. Make sure to have two sides with tabs and two without. Then, glue the tabs on the other sides to build your tower, make sure to leave a hole at the top. Cut out a square of cardboard and place it inside the tower to stop the candies. At this point, cut and fold in the half circles on the bottom, and tape them together to secure the tower. To decorate, glue fringed tissue paper from the bottom to the top. To finish, hang it with wire!

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