Picture from littlebuttondiaries.com

# partyhacker for a Superhero theme party

If you are looking for tips and tricks for amazing Superhero party games, then welcome to # partyhacker!

Inspired by littlebuttondiaries.com, here is how to create DIY Superhero Pinata. You’ll need:

First, cut out two matching large spiky shapes from the cardboard box. Use the remainder of the box to go around the spiky pieces with 10cm high strips, stick them with double-sided tape. Go around all the edges with masking tape. Then, paint the sides and edges blue, the middle section front and back in yellow. Cut the crepe paper into strips (5cm in height) and fringe them. From the edge to the center, stick the fringed crepe paper using double-sided tape, on the corresponding colors. Write “WHAM!” with red and black cards and stick them on both sides. To finish, make a hole at the top to fill the pinata, and attach the string.

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