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From the treasure room of our 10 years of experience in event planning, we have created an all-encompassing Plan Your Own Wedding Workshop for you. If you are planning an event on a tight budget and cannot hire professional event planners, or you simply love to do things yourself, or you want to start your own event planning business, this workshop what you need to start.

We have thought about how we could make our brides happier and the Amoretti’s team came up with a brilliant idea; to organise a Plan Your Own Wedding workshop for brides who would like to be their own wedding planner!

The Plan Your Own Wedding course is a 1-day workshop on Saturday and cost just £199.00. You will have the opportunity to share your experience with other brides even as you learn how to plan an amazing, romantic, and unforgettable wedding.

Although organising a wedding can take 240 hours of work on the average, anyone can still manage it somehow. However, only a few can do it perfectly without a wedding planner. To master event planning, this workshop has been designed to allow you learn the hacks of planning a great wedding without the services of a professional planner.

By the end of the Plan Your Own Wedding workshop day, you must have learnt the secrets of:

  • Creating a budget
  • Choosing your suppliers
  • Choosing the right fragrance
  • Harmonising colours
  • Room setup
  • Light design
  • Programme coordination
  • Creating a romantic atmosphere
  • Seducing the eyes with flowers etc

Sounds interesting? Why not make reservations for this course which will not only help you get involved in your wedding but could become an additional stream of income to you.

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Plan Your Own Wedding Workshop