Puglia Luxury Wedding, Italy

A Puglia luxury wedding revealing all the colours of love for Samantha and Michael

Samantha and Michael went to High School together in Australia but didn’t become a couple until a few years later. The main personality traits of that couple was the explosion of joy and energy emanated. They decided to have a Puglia Luxury Wedding. The wedding theme was about bright things with classical undertones and modern shapes.

All clear and bright colours must be here, the pink but also the orange roses reminding the colour of the sunset. In fact, they got engaged watching the sunset on the banks of the Thames. An engagement in London is always a romantic location to make your demand. But a wedding in Italy is always the best idea to celebrate a full of love wedding.

Castello Monaci, in Puglia, is a wonderful venue where a wedding is always an success. The proximity of the nature allows to have big breath. The mix of bright decoration and simplicity of the location was amazing. Everything was design and inspired by the feeling of joy.

A little and sophisticated wedding for people who love them for 10 years before getting married. It was an exceptional wedding experience.

Wedding Stationery has been designed by MarryMe by Amoretti