Rina & Chris, wedding in Abruzzo

“Chris and I got married the 6th June 2009 in Sulmona, Italy. It was an amazing day, with I did enjoy and had quite some fun experience in planning the day but at the same time was quite stressful.The stress came from the fact that I had to organize a wedding from UK and we all know that men are not very interested in participating in the planning. The best part of the planning was choosing all the decoration and the making of the guess favors, and of course the dress.I knew from the beginning what my dress had to be look like and I knew that I didn want a traditional wedding dress. I mean I wanted something different.Chris idea of the wedding was quite different from mine, of course. Well he started with wanting a star war themes wedding, then 300 theme wedding, then the new James Bond movie came out and so I didn’t have to dress like princess Leia (not that I was going to!).Few months after setting the wedding date we realised that I needed some help, my mum and both my sisters live in Italy and organizing a wedding is already a demanding process, but organizing from another country is even worst.Without Amoretti Wedding Planning I think it would have been impossible to organise the wedding in Italy.I didn’t try many dresses, I visited only 2 or 3 wedding shops, but this was enough to understand that my dress was there, yet. I needed somebody to translate into paper my thought. And Emiliana is great on this. She helped me with the dress and the thing I loved the most of my outfit was a beautiful fascinator that Emiliana made for me. It was just perfect! The day of the wedding I felt good and seemed just another day. I wasn’t nervous at all well just until I put my dress on. PANIC! From then everything seems a dream! The day flew, and before I knew I was Mrs Dunn (well I didn’t change my name!). The reception was beautiful, everything went fine and people had good time.The song that we choose was a lyric from a group called Dropkick Murphy an Irish American Celtic punk group. The idea came because I wanted some Irish music (Chris is Irish) and I love Celtic music. Chris likes punk rock music, so we found this song and both of us were happy! Well one think I have to say is that without Emiliana help we couldn’t have done it.”

Rina & Chris