Sunflower Wedding, Umbria Italy

Sunflower Wedding for Nina and Pete.

When you think about Italy, you imagine sun, vineyards, crystal water, rolling hills…The dream of Nina and Pete was to get married in this delightful atmosphere. They came to our office and together we established their beautiful Sunflower Wedding in Umbria Italy. Indeed, sunflowers were the perfect theme to match with their needs and their vision of a sunny and joyful wedding in Italy.

Celebrating a wedding in Italy is a privilege, which only can enjoy the happy few who see their happiness under the sun. Then, our main mission is to emphasize the conception of a wedding in Italy our couple have in mind when coming to us. Obviously, all is about a feeling, a spirit that we have to apprehend in our couples mind. Italian weddings are always full of life but also dynamic and very traditional thanks to the family vibes.

Moreover, the Sunflower Wedding Theme made use create a funny design full of Italian vibrancies in terms of colours and rusticity.

This wedding was like a rainbow of colours : yellow, orange, peach…All the soft colors were invited to the celebration to represent the warmth of Italy and the rustic feeling of a true love wedding. Hence, it was a wonderful wedding in an amazing place honouring the nature.

Sunflowers will grow, and time will make their love even stronger.

Wedding Stationery has been designed by MarryMe by Amoretti