Top 10 tips to organise your wedding

10 tips to organise your wedding by a professional wedding planer in london- Amoretti Wedding


1 – Set your budget : Make a list of the different items you need to spend on and your spending limits for each. Then, define your priorities so you can see what you need to save each month to pay for it.


2 – Think Timing! It takes 12 to 18 months to organise a wedding! Why so much time? Because of the availability of your different suppliers, and to be sure that your venue is available! Then if you want to book a wedding planner or a photographer you better book them 10 months before your big day. This is especially true for weekends between May and September. If you choose a Saturday off season or a weekday, your supplier is more likely to be available.


3 – Take your time… You will have to anticipate many things, but you also have to take the time for reflection. For example in choosing your dress: there is no need to decide on the dress in July 2014 if you are getting married in August 2015. And yes if the new collection arrives in September, there may be a dress that will please you more! But you have to expect good 6-8 months to make your custom dress.


4 – Make sure to choose great suppliers – because of their work and not because they are your cousin! Do not ask for vintage style photographs if it is not their style, or a graphic composition to a florist if their choice is rather rustic compositions. If your suppliers are not comfortable with the work you ask them, they will not give you what you expect, and everyone will be disappointed. But they can advise you of professionals in line with your expectations. A good team of service is almost assured of a wedding without problems or drama.With regards to photographers, we recommend you ask for several portfolios and not only one because they will always show you their best one…


5 – Do according to your tastes and your desires! From the choice of colour to the venue, do not get forced to do something that does not look like you.


6 – Compromise! Yes lovely bride-to-be, the day is your day, but it’s also a little time for your mom, your dad, and especially your other half. So if he is not a fan of the idea of wearing a bow tie or coloured sneakers, and even if it’s really cute, listen. And if your mom really jumps up to the idea of sewing you a little cushion alliances, tell her yes!


7 – Draw up your schedule of the day and talk about it with your suppliers, they have done it before and will certainly guide you. Factor at least two hours for your hair and beauty and at least a quarter of an hour extra for travel when everything does not happen at the same place . There is always a car that misses a motorway exit!


8 – Do not overdo your DIY! You may love making things, be enthusiastic and full of good ideas, but do not overload yourself with 437 hand made wool pompoms.


9 – Remember the basics. Certainly you both have to decide on the wine, the dress, rings, and table plan, but did you take the time to talk to your partner about your ideal life together, and your vision of marriage? The wedding day is just the start of your married life together!


10 – Let go. Because despite all your good will, schedules, excel tables and other good advice, there will be unexpected details as few clouds in the sky. But remember that whatever happens, you put all your heart into this event and finally you’re married!



Amoretti Team