Wedding in the World

Luxury is the keyword

in United Arab Emirates Wedding.

The ceremony must be large, sumptuous and…with a unique and spectacular double and separate reception.
Generally, in fact, they organise two receptions,
one for the groom and the formal and largest ceremony for the women bride’s guests, with at least 500 guests.
The cost of wedding dresses varied from 1500 to 5000 pound, but some future brides come to spend up 50,000 only for her dress.
The bride is the star of the day and will make her triumphant entry along the catwalk
and reaching the seat sofa on the stage designed for her.
A careful attention to details, to the colours and the theme is enhanced by flowers, jewels, precious fabrics, chinas and candles.
Have you been to a wedding like this?

Image credit: jam