Villa Ciardi: An Hindu wedding in Italy

Nipa and Nilesh and their Hindu wedding, Italy

Nipa and Nilesh decided to have a destination Hindu wedding. Italy was their preferred place and that is why they knocked at Amoretti’s door. Their desire was to have a traditional Hindu wedding ending with a stylish gala dinner.

Based on the requirements they gave us, we suggested the Villa Ciardi in Puglia. Besides, this luxurious villa can offer a historical charm combined with an architectural geometries and natural landscape. To sum up, the villa is surrounded by a centuries-old park. They are over many hundred years old trees, that make this place so amazing. Therefore, this venue should be perfect for this Hindu wedding in Italy.

Also, in the traditional Hindu wedding in Italy, there is a pre-wedding that is a traditional sangeet. Moreover, the day of the venue was divided into two parts. The Hindu wedding in Italy was celebrated in the morning, following by a lunch buffet. Then, as their initial request, in the evening the guests were entertained with a gala dinner in the amazing villa court yard.

Finally, it was really incredible to manage this traditional Hindu wedding in Italy full of colours, love and happiness. 😍