Wedding in Borgo Stomennano, Tuscany, Italy

Mina and Marco Beautiful Wedding in Borgo Stomennano

When Mina and Marco came to our office it was an immediate click between us. Then we started to work immediately showing them properties of our portfolio. And the one that caught their eyes was Borgo Stomennano. Therefore, we took them to Italy to see various locations but their perfect one was the first love.

Who are Mina and Marco?

Mina and Marco work in the financial world and had a wonderful academic carrier at Bocconi University. Despite they are living their very busy life in London, they love having fun. In fact, Mina did her Hen Do at Coachella Festival and guess what? Marco did only 6 Stag Do around the world!

Furthermore, this beautiful couple met in University in Milan while Mina was doing an exchange program. Even if Marco is coming from Milan and Mina from Bulgaria, they decided to have a destination wedding. That is why they got married in Monteriggioni in Tuscany, in Borgo Stomennano. By the way, this little village was built on ancient Etruscan and Roman ruins dating back to 1059 and that are visible today. The current owners of the property are direct descendants of the Griccioli family, owners since the 18th century.

How was their wedding?

Moreover, Mina and Marco wanted a luxury bohemian Tuscan countryside wedding. They are in love of beautiful vineyards, luxurious buildings, refined architecture and they wanted the best wine and food you can dream. Therefore, they engaged us to design and coordinate their wedding reflecting their natural way of being, discreet and unpretentious wedding.

They got married in July of 2018. The wedding was incredible.

The ceremony took place in a traditional church of Monteriggioni. As a Bulgarian tradition, each table had a liquor called “rakia” dated the same year of Mina’s birth. In addition the flowers centrepiece was elegant blush pink flowers and a lot of green. What else? There was a live show for the wedding cake, the pastry chef made the Italian traditional mille-feuilles in front of the guests. Finally, an amazing band coming from Monte Carlo was animating the party, a real show band that changed their dress 5 times! Oh Yesss, you read right!