Imagine your wedding in Italy, a country that is well-known for its legendary masterpieces of ingenious sculptors and painters like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Batista. Getting married in Italy in a venue that is magical and has natural beauty. Amoretti wedding in Italy, create unforgettable moments that will not have a hard time celebrating your undying love on Italian soil.

Exchanging marital vows a few miles away from the pope will get you dreaming away, then relax and watch us make your wedding a real fairy tale.

It’s all about a wedding in Italy

Don’t bother yourself about rentals and supplies because we already have an extensive database of Italian wedding locations, rental companies, as well as contacts of all service provider relevant to a successful wedding celebration. Again, our team of veteran event planners ensures you get the very best of Italian weddings.

Everyone can have a marriage in Italy because it is not only about the beautiful venues.

Are you dreaming about a marriage by a crystal water and beautiful white beaches? Is your dream wedding venue a picturesque location in the middle of the Tuscans valleys? If you answer is “yes” you could get married in Italy.

Do you enjoy the most amazing food and top quality wines? Want to celebrate your day with your closest loved ones? Your answer still “yes”? Italy is definitely the right place for you.

Do you think it is too many things to manage a wedding abroad? We can make it easy for you. This page will give you information to take the stress away from you. The warm and peaceful area of Italy would make you relaxed in no time.

Italy gives you all seasons even in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter; Italy can give you what you definitely want.

You can go anywhere for every season above all the beauty of the Alpes can give you the winter wedding even in summertime. In the South of Italy, you can enjoy the good temperature and sun all year.

An ideal wedding can be on the white sand but also on the white snow or even on an Italian vineyard with olive trees. It is not about the right season; it is about the right place. Italy gives you what you want at any period of the year.

Amoretti Wedding Planners has 2 offices; one in central London (Angel, Islington) and one in Italy (Rome), delivering the best service. Our planners are all legal translator and we will deal with all the aspects of your wedding from the design to the coordination of the wedding day. So call us for a free consultation, and quote today.

Which wedding style do you dream of?

Here is a collection of 6 stunning wedding venues to choose from to make your Italian wedding perfect

We know how difficult is to pick the perfect location for your wedding and we know that you have your heart set on a specific setting. It can be very daunting trying to find your perfect setting by looking through hundreds of websites on the internet, so we decided to make your life easier; we have divided our Italian Wedding Venues by style so you can choose your dream setting easily.