Wedding in London Carlton Club

A back in time wedding for John and Suzann

How many times you’ve been looking at your parents and grandparents wedding pictures and wanted to have the same wedding as the had? Back in time wedding were romantic, pure, simple, not too many frills… Perfect! We based our work on this atmosphere to make the best romantic wedding for John and Suzan.

Love without limits and fear, like lovers in the V-J Day in Times Square. 

John and Suzan came to us with an original theme in their hands: the WW2.

In actual fact the famous quote « do love, not war » makes sense. They wanted to seal their own love by an amazing way. A wedding in London is already a wonderful key, but, a wedding in the sky is a must, because everybody can see it. Consequently, they choose the Carlton Club as secret ceremony venue.

Big personalities as Churchill that marked history, and who have attended this very private club, were witnessing from their painting this amazing union. Indeed, this wedding looked like a government mission. All the decoration were designed to represent 1945. The “save the date” was Churchill’s postcard and the wedding book. On a globe, relatives wrote some words to wish the couple happiness.

Then, we choose a very relevant location for this back in time themed wedding. It took place in an underground war room. More precisely in a bunker. It has already the same vibrant atmosphere. The walls of the war rooms revealed the vibration of exciting feeling not yet discovered in such places. This was really original and in the meantime erased all bad memories attached to those bunkers to replace them by beautiful and joyful thoughts.

The wedding menu design was inspired by an army ration book and, on a huge board, was set a call to war where anyone could find its seat.

Finally, the dancing was open by John and Suzann with a lot of intimacy and silkiness. As everything couldn’t attack them. Finally, love is stronger than anything.  

It was an amazing, wonderful and original wedding, guys !! 😍

Wedding Stationery has been designed by MarryMe by Amoretti