Wedding in Puglia, Castello Monaci

 Castello Monaci, a beautiful location for a wedding in Puglia

Anna and Tom came to us with Puglia in mind as idea for their wedding venue. They wanted something beautiful, grand, with authentic Italian food to serve to their guests. The perfect venue came to us as an evidence… Castello Monaci!!

Puglia is the best place to make your wedding in Italy. It offers beautiful locations, wonderful landscapes and a beautiful sun is shining most of the year. Castello Monaci is a romantic location for a wedding in Puglia. In this castle, Anna and Tom had their fairy tale dream came true : amazing medieval architecture and large gardens where all guests enjoyed the breath taking wedding dinner.

The party was one of the most amazing moments of the wedding. Dancing under the stars was a wonderful experience for all of the guests, thanks to the very large place offered by the huge castle’s gardens. For our bride it was like a little girl dream coming true.

The celebration had to last long…long…long time. When a princess becomes a queen, all has to be perfect, so we gave attention to all of the details to make this day becomes magic. Cheering to love until the early hours of the morn. This wedding for stunning and unforgettable for you, as it was for us. ❤️

Wedding Stationery has been designed by MarryMe by Amoretti