Wedding in Tenuta Lucagiovanni, Puglia, Italy

Giulia and Andrew and their geometric wedding in Tenuta Lucagiovanni

When Giulia and Andrew arrived in the office and started talking about their taste, we immediately loved them. During the consultation we shared lots of ideas and little by little we found the perfect way to make their wedding the most beautiful day of their lifes…and to do so, it had to be a geometric wedding.

Giulia is Italian and Andrew is American. They met at University in Italy. They decided to have a destination wedding because Giulia had always lived in the north of Italy and she wanted a sunny place to celebrate their love. That is why they finally decided to have their wedding in Tenuta Lucagiovanni, in Puglia. Besides, this place is an amazing location: unique among scents, flavours and colours, creating an unforgettable atmosphere. Our bride and groom immediately felt in love with the elegant nineteenth-century palace, its citrus grove and its large Italian garden.

At the beginning they didn’t have a precise idea of their perfect wedding. In fact, Giulia is not a pink-girl and she desired something geometric while Andrew preferred something rustic. Therefore, the middle-way we found was a modern, vibrant and colourful wedding. And in terms of uniqueness, they opted for pop-up wedding invitations!

Finally they got married in May of 2018. The wedding was very nice and emotional.

Besides, the wedding was all based on geometric patterns. The ceremony area was decorated with colourful prisms combined with flowers. To accentuate the whole thing, some vintage sofas with geometric bed drop were decorating the reception. And to follow this atmosphere, the wedding cake was a gorgeous two layers chocolate brushes decorated with a huge glitter heart. Finally, the party was something incredible full of lights and colours.