Wedding in Tuscany, Castello di Montalto

Sofia and David and their wedding in Tuscany in Castello di Montalto

Sofia and David choose to celebrate their wedding in Castello di Montalto in Tuscany. They didn’t want something extravagant or impressive, they just wanted to be with their family and have the best day of their life. So we found them a venue adapted to their demands : il Castello di Montalto.

Sofia and David wanted an intimate and romantic wedding and were looking for a venue that could accommodate all their guests. Il Castello di Montalto had all caracteristics they needed. The restored medieval castle, lost in Tuscany’s hills, has about 1000 years of history, and is surrounded by woods. They didn’t had to do further researches: they’ve found the perfect romantic place they were looking for to get married.

As wedding decoration, they wanted something elegant and refined, yet simple that suited their intimate wedding will. So we opted for white and pink shades, and added some foliage arrangements. The table decorations were unpretentious and pure. Different types of jars were all over the U shaped table.

This wedding in Tuscany was nice and intimate as our couple wanted it to be. We had a great day and we took a lot of pleasure to participate to our bride and groom happiness in Italy.