Wedding in Villa Chiara, Abruzzo National Park

A lovely Wedding in Villa Chiara for Suzanne and Lee

“Emiliana and Amoretti are no ordinary run-of-the-mill “wedding planners”. They are specialist wedding & designers to get married in Italy. Also, they do amazing and luxury stationery. If you want a genuine, warm, stylish, one-of-a-kind wedding that will blow your guests away, you need Amoretti! Make our Wedding in Villa Chiara was the best idea we ever had.

We knew we didn’t want a packaged up cardboard cut out affair. We wanted something different. Something genuinely Italian. Something special that our guests would always remember (As Lee would remind me, something on the budget!!).
We got married in a little-known part of Italy where hardly anyone speaks English.
That in itself was the first hurdle, though it was quickly overcome by the rugged beauty of the region and the excitement we felt when we visited with Emiliana and grasped the potential Abruzzo could offer “wedding tourists”. What also helped was Emiliana’s contact book. It’s like she knows everyone who walks past her in the street (I think she actually does)!

The venue Emiliana recommended was perfect and hopelessly 100% authentic Italy. An old villa situated in a vineyard perched on top of a cliff with panoramic views of the Adriatic and Apennine mountains. It was spectacular. The problem with having a wedding at such a venue was that we had to do everything ourselves. Emiliana relished the challenge and we loved the fact we could have our wedding our way.

Villa Chiara was just the perfect place

Emiliana worked so hard to make sure every small element of our wedding was special. From elegant rice confetti cones to the last minute scramble for an AWOL hydrangea. Nothing escaped her. Not even our request asking her to arrange transport for 150 large pillar candles from the UK to Italy!
Everything she designed, from our invitations (made by MarryMe by Amoretti) to table placings, it all captured our vision and was “bang on” taste and trend.
Looking back, she should become a dually qualified wedding designer and marriage counsellor!! On top of everything, Emiliana even whipped out her own electric saw and carved the most beautiful and intricate table plan, finishing it off with flowers and pearls.

I mentioned Emiliana’s contact book. We were so happy with the suppliers that she recommended. Not only did we feel that we could rely on our suppliers, we could give them scope to be “designers” in their own right, to change things and to recommend different ways of doing things. That does sound sappy but for me, looking on remotely from London, it was a godsend. And the food!! Who has lobster, hand-carved swordfish, bbq baked mussels, oysters and sushi complete with ice sculpture on a buffet of starters at their wedding?? We even had beautiful hand carved glittering fruit platters on our dessert buffet as ornaments.

Planning a wedding abroad is not always an easy “turn up and go” affair, especially if you want the little extra details. What Amoretti did for us was give us peace of mind during the planning. We knew we were in safe hands and that they were in their element designing, orchestrating and pulling together the pieces for the best day of my life.


Suzanne and Lee