Wedding lights ideas

Hello there, I know, that light up your party could be a nightmare. Here some wedding lights ideas, that will make your wedding day perfect.

We understand it is difficult to envision them. Especially when we are thinking to light up a great after dinner.

Here are few ways to use the lights cleverly.

Use light Mr and Mrs or Similar to create a focal point.

Another interesting way that will make your party relax, warm and family style are the festoon lights.

Although sometimes we need a bit more modern atmosphere and the festoon lights are too amber, too vintage look. So then I suggest we use to light up furniture to give an edge to the party.

And what about the fairy light? The obsession of all the Brides to be. Soft, small, discrete, dreamy…. and cheap to buy. This option is the most affordable and DIY. You don’t need an electrical engineer to put up the lights and any friends, even the most clumsy, can help you to create the perfect atmosphere.

Something that I really love are the uplights. You can change their colour very easy and position them by a wall and tadahhhhh… the job is done! I suggest you hire a battery operated version so they are easy to be moved around.