Wedding Planner Portofino

Have you always dreamed of getting married in a seaside village? With tall and colourful houses built around a bay? This is you need a wedding planner?

Consequently planning a wedding in Portofino is the right decision for you. It is one of the symbolic places of Liguria and tourism in the Mediterranean. Famous in the world and all to see. Here the sea reflects the colours of the houses. The sky and the vegetation and hosts the yachts, boats and ferries that arrive and depart. All in perfect harmony: this is Portofino.

Wedding in Portofino cost

To give you an indication I can only tell you that in Italy the average cost of a wedding (calculated on 100 guests) varies (also by region and region) from a minimum of about 80,000 euros to a maximum of……no maximum sorry!
The general rule of thumb related to the wedding budget is that 50% of the cost of the wedding goes towards the venue and the food.