Wedding Planner Puglia

Who calls it the new Tuscany, who says the Italian Caribbean….I just say Puglia or Apulia if you wish.

It is the place where the sun and the sea will be at their best. I personally love the Salento area, il sole (the sun), lu mare (the sea) e lu vientu (the wind).

This area of Italy is magic! Full of history and heritage. Lecce its a stunning little city ornated by original baroque plasters. The nightlife if perfect to welcome your guests, very reasonable indeed. And the people….yes the Salentini, they make me proud to be Italian.

Now you know, even if I’m from Abruzzo, I’m clearly in love with Puglia. They have amazing vineyards to grand estates, castles to villas and stunning beach clubs.
We have more than 50 venues that can cater to all different budgets.

Puglia Wedding Cost

Even though we are in south Italy, a wedding in Puglia it is not cheap. In fact the wedding pro in this region they know how to through luxurious parties.

To give you an indication I can only tell you that in Italy the average cost of a wedding (calculated on 100 guests) varies (also by region and region) from a minimum of about 40,000 euros to a maximum of……no maximum sorry!
The general rule of thumb related to the wedding budget is that 50% of the cost of the wedding goes towards the venue and the food.