Meet Your Italian Wedding Planners

Emiliana Gualtieri

Hello! My name is Emiliana Gualtieri, owner and founder of Amoretti Weddings. Since 2008, I spoused my knowledge of the interior design acquired over 10-years of work and my organisation skills on creating Amoretti Weddings. After 2 years of trading in the destination wedding industry, I found a gap in the market on bespoke luxury stationery, so @marrymebyamoretti born. One key element of my job is to be able to control the total processes whether it be a bespoke wedding planning project or creating a beautiful stationery set. I design, prototype and manufacture all the elements that make Amoretti’s client weddings unique. Having my own studio/workshop in Central London allows me to meet my clients face to face and to be creative and highly responsive to new ideas and trends in colour and design.


Benny Diaco

Hi there, my name is Benny Diaco wedding planner of Amoretti Weddings. A lot of my clients always ask me how i bumped into wedding planning and how a met Emiliana. So I thought it was about time to write a biography. More or less 8 years ago I decided that was time for me to leave Italy and start a new path. In fact, one of my brothers lives in London so it was not hard for me to convince my parents and start my new life. I always loved to decor and everything related to beauty. If you meet me you immediately see I’m a calm and a patient person. But I never thought that these qualities would actually bring me to become a wedding planner until I met Emiliana! She taught me everything I know. My job in Amoretti consists in look after the logistic. I take clients around to see the venues. I deal with the suppliers, the legal documents. One other role is being a legal translator and I also coordinate the wedding day. After about 5 years and a lot…. a lot of flights, we thought that it might be best for us to have a base in Italy. It’s now 3 years that I moved to Rome. Life is so much easier now to deal with the logistics.  All our clients have the opportunity to meet Emiliana in person in our office in London.  And me, in our office in Rome. I hope to see you in Italy soon!


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