Getting married in italy legal requirements

Are you getting married in Italy?

Here the  legal requirements for getting married in Italy

The legal requirements for getting married in Italy are straightforward.

Before starting we strongly advise you to consult the Italian Embassy or Consulate for first-hand information on the legal requirements for getting married in Italy or

In this page we will talk only about UK citizen, but we can help any other citizen to obtain their documents to get married in Italy.


The marriage of UK citizens conducted in Italy is legally binding under UK . You will need to obtain a Nulla Osta, which is the document required by the Italian Authorities for the marriage to take place. This can be obtained as follows:


  • Obtain a Certificate of No Impediment. This is done by Giving Notice (publishing the Banns) at your local registry office no more than six months before your wedding date. 23 days after you have given notice the registry office will release a CNI, Certificate of No Impediment.



In order to obtain a Nulla Osta, (sworn statement) you must present the following documentation:

  • Certificate of No Impediment (UK Citizens only)
  • You’ll need to provide more information in a ‘statutory declaration’. You need to sign it in front of a solicitor or public notary in the UK. They’ll charge you a fee.There’s a standard template in English and Italian that you can download and use.
  • Passport
  • Photocopies of the picture page of the passports for your two witnesses, listing their name, address and occupation.
  • If you are divorced – a Decree Absolute & previous marriage certificates
  • If you have changed your name – Deed Poll

All documentation must be original or certified copies, and your Certificate of No Impediment must not be older than 6 months.

Note: If you are female and have previously been married your wedding cannot occur until 300 days after your marriage was annulled.

Here in Amoretti, all the planners are legal translator, so we will translate and legalise the documents on your behalf.


You will be issued with an international wedding certificate that will be valid in your home country however if you wish more than one copy you will need to request this in advance. Upon your return home your marriage can be lodged with the Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths and you can order extra copies in the normal way.


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Wedding in Italy

Imagine your wedding in Italy, a country that is well-known for its legendary masterpieces of ingenious sculptors and painters like Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Batista. Getting married in Italy in a venue that is magical and has natural beauty. Amoretti wedding in Italy, create unforgettable moments that will not have a hard time celebrating your undying love on Italian soil.

Exchanging marital vows a few miles away from the pope will get you dreaming away, then relax and watch us make your wedding a real fairy tale.

It’s all about a wedding in Italy

Don’t bother yourself about rentals and supplies because we already have an extensive database of Italian wedding locations, rental companies, as well as contacts of all service provider relevant to a successful wedding celebration. Again, our team of veteran event planners ensures you get the very best of Italian weddings.

Everyone can have a marriage in Italy because it is not only about the beautiful venues.

Are you dreaming about a marriage by a crystal water and beautiful white beaches? Is your dream wedding venue a picturesque location in the middle of the Tuscans valleys? If you answer is “yes” you could get married in Italy.

Do you enjoy the most amazing food and top quality wines? Want to celebrate your day with your closest loved ones? Your answer still “yes”? Italy is definitely the right place for you.

Do you think it is too many things to manage a wedding abroad? We can make it easy for you. This page will give you information to take the stress away from you. The warm and peaceful area of Italy would make you relaxed in no time.

Italy gives you all seasons even in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter; Italy can give you what you definitely want.

You can go anywhere for every season above all the beauty of the Alpes can give you the winter wedding even in summertime. In the South of Italy, you can enjoy the good temperature and sun all year.

An ideal wedding can be on the white sand but also on the white snow or even on an Italian vineyard with olive trees. It is not about the right season; it is about the right place. Italy gives you what you want at any period of the year.

Amoretti Wedding Planners has 2 offices; one in central London (Angel, Islington) and one in Italy (Rome), delivering the best service. Our planners are all legal translator and we will deal with all the aspects of your wedding from the design to the coordination of the wedding day. So call us for a free consultation, and quote today.

Which wedding style do you dream of?

Here is a collection of 6 stunning wedding venues to choose from to make your Italian wedding perfect

We know how difficult is to pick the perfect location for your wedding and we know that you have your heart set on a specific setting. It can be very daunting trying to find your perfect setting by looking through hundreds of websites on the internet, so we decided to make your life easier; we have divided our Italian Wedding Venues by style so you can choose your dream setting easily.

Wedding Planner Italy

Best Wedding Planner Italy in London UK


Amoretti is a team of expert of Events and Wedding Planner in Italy based in London

With a portfolio of over 300 Italian Wedding Venues, our Team of Event and Wedding Planners in Italy, satisfy any of our client needs. We offer a free consultation from our offices in London and Rome.

Amoretti is the expert in all type of events and wedding planning.

We don’t simply ‘plan’ your wedding, we will orchestrate every detail. Our team members are stylist and producers. In the past 12 years, we have been in business, we have worked for all kinds of clients reinventing events every time we plan them. Since we employ only the most skilled and experienced event planners at Amoretti, we deliver premium quality services at all times.

We cover any elements required to bring your luxury wedding experience to life, including but not limited to: Venue scouting, Event design, Entertainment, Catering, Activities, Transfers, Accommodation. Browse our portfolio to read what our clients say about us.


We plan weddings in stunning locations that incorporate Tuscany, Portofino, Capri, the Italian Lakes, the Amalfi Coast alongside Rome, Venice, Puglia and Sicily.

Amoretti Italian Wedding Planners are remarkably familiar with all area and have developed partnerships with the best suppliers in Italy


Our Services


We already hold in our database, hundreds of luxury locations throughout Italy, from private Villa to amazing Castles. And As part of our wedding planning service, Venue Scouting, in fact, one of our planners will meet you at the preferred airport in Italy and will take you to visit the venues that have been shortlisted and that you liked the most.

Normally the Venue Scouting service last 2 days and we will also arrange, where possible, to try the food of some of the locations.


We are Designer Wedding Planners. What does it mean? We will:

  1. Brainstorms style ideas and create the design board.
  2. translate the design board to the financial proposal
  3. Determine and manage your budget.
  4. Puts up to 250 hours of work.
  5. Creates detailed timelines (itinerary of the day) and floor plans.
  6. Attends site tours and menu tastings.
  7. Coordinates the transportation from/to the airport and on the wedding day
  8. Manages the rehearsal.
  9. Oversees everything on the wedding day


Yeah! We know this is the most fun part….the design of the wedding. All the brides are dreaming of this moment when their vision starts to go onto the paper. Firstly it becomes a mood-board and then reality on their wedding day.

Amoretti Weddings first approach on the design is asking the clients to do a visual brainstorming. This is based on general things they like and they don’t, to understand their personality. Then we start to play seriously. The creation of Moodboards starts and once they get approved, we then engage the right suppliers to execute Bride and Groom vision. Tadahhhhh a big task is done!


When you decide to have a destination wedding vs “local wedding”, you have to think to host what we call “extra events”. As part of our service we organise and coordinate:

  1. Welcome party. You can decide to receive your guests on a beautiful beach bar and have a summer party or maybe choose a restaurant overlooking the vineyards to enjoy the sunset, hiring a yacht, or even have drinks at a rooftop bar of an Italian amazing city like Florence, Venice, Milan, Rome.
  2. Goodbye Brunch. Meeting your guests after your wedding day it is a must! It’s the best chance to say thank you to make the effort to come all the way to your dream location. You could host this to your rented villa and have a pool party, or hotel, or choose a different location to create a new wow factor.
  3. Fun Tours & Experiences. All your guests are excited to come to your wedding and enjoy the beauty of Italy, so why don’t take them for an amazing Wine Tour and a rustic dinner in the vineyard? Or imagine have a collective cuisine class and make delicious Pizzas always accompanied by great cocktails.

The options are endless!


When we think to entertain our guests the first ideas is related to music. We have a dedicated art director which will propose the right bands for your wedding day, based on your taste and vision. We have trained Wedding DJ’s that will work on your favourite playlist to make your party unforgettable. But entertaining doesn’t mean only music! We can arrange more fun stuff to do during the reception or the party time:

  • Print Your Face on a Cocktail
  • Set up a Portrait Studio
  • Hire Aerialists, Mermaids, and Interactive Performers
  • Participate in a Cultural Dance
  • Build-Your-Own Cocktail Bar
  • Karaoke with a Live Band
  • Gelato Cart: Coolest of Desserts


You may know already, but Amoretti own one of the finest wedding invitations and stationery company called MarryMe by Amoretti (@marrymebyamoretti).

Having the save the date, invitations and wedding day stationery designed by us, means that we will create the perfect presentation of your wedding using the most luxurious materials and paper. We are Italians after all, so our knowledge of Luxury and Beauty is stamped in our DNA. 

When you will come to our studio, you will be able to see and touch all our bespoke designs and understand the refining work that we do for all our clients.




Hello! My name is Emiliana Gualtieri, owner and founder of Amoretti Weddings. Since 2008, I spoused my knowledge of the interior design acquired over 10-years of work and my organisation skills on creating Amoretti Weddings. After 2 years of trading in the destination wedding industry, I found a gap in the market on bespoke luxury stationery, so @marrymebyamoretti born. One key element of my job is to be able to control the total processes whether it be a bespoke wedding planning project or creating a beautiful stationery set. I design, prototype and manufacture all the elements that make Amoretti’s client weddings unique. Having my own studio/workshop in Central London allows me to meet my clients face to face and to be creative and highly responsive to new ideas and trends in colour and design. Covid-19 opened my eyes to what could be a great opportunity for expanding and creating the perfect team. We want now to educate and form new talents that could work with us and help us to grow and deliver our service to more clients.

 We have officially opened Amoretti Weddings Academy. I’m so excited about what the future will bring 😍


Hi there, my name is Benny Diaco wedding planner of Amoretti Weddings. A lot of my clients always ask me how i bumped into wedding planning and how a met Emiliana. So I thought it was about time to write a biography. More or less 8 years ago I decided that was time for me to leave Italy and start a new path. In fact, one of my brothers lives in London so it was not hard for me to convince my parents and start my new life. I always loved to decor and everything related to beauty. If you meet me you immediately see I’m a calm and a patient person. But I never thought that these qualities would actually bring me to become a wedding planner until I met Emiliana! She taught me everything I know. My job in Amoretti consists in look after the logistic. I take clients around to see the venues. I deal with the suppliers, the legal documents. One other role, is being a legal translator and i also coordinate the wedding day. After about 5 years and a lot…. a lot of flights, we thought that it might be best for us to have a base in Italy. It’s now 3 years that I moved to Rome. Life is so much easier now to deal with the logistics.  All our clients have the opportunity to meet Emiliana in person in our office in London.  And me, in our office in Rome. I hope to see you in Italy soon!

  • 5 star review  Emiliana and the rest of the staff at Amoretti are SO amazing at what they do!! I purchased the full-service package, and I'm so glad I did! It was worth every penny.

    thumb Melisa Clark

    5 star review  A wonderful staff, led by women!!! Who better than them can turn any marriage into the day you’ll remember forever!? Thank you all, especially Emiliana and Benny! By the way, their Italian Mc is not bad at all 😜🥰

    thumb Camilla Latini

    5 star review  Thank you to Emiliana and Benny for the most amazing and special day. The service and support they provided from day one was first rate. The venue they found was breathtaking and their ability to adopt our plans to cope with uncharacteristic poor weather amazing. We would recommend them to anyone wanting an amazing Italian wedding. Perfect

    thumb Scott Egerton
  • 5 star review  the experience was amazing it was a dream wedding Well done Amoretti!

    thumb Giulio Garaffa

    5 star review  Emiliana, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for making our wedding so magical and beautiful beyond my high expectations. Despite planing a wedding during a crazy pandemic with all the restrictions and changes, Emiliana was a solid rock throughout the planning. She handled every single detail with such professionalism, calmness and humour. Her passion for her work is undeniable and that put me at ease. Emiliana you simply rock 😀 and it was truly a privilege to have you plan our wedding. TOP CLASS service like few are able to :)

    thumb Josephine Ingabire

    5 star review  I am really happy with the team of excellent designers at Amoretti. My wedding invitations have been a total success in three countries ( UK/ Spain and Italy). It is worth highlighting also their professionalism and efficiency. I would definitely recommend it as it is top level.

    thumb María Irusta Barasoian
  • 5 star review  We booked around 3 initial meetings with wedding planners, but cancelled the other 2 after our initial meeting with Emiliana. She has a natural flair for her work and a real passion for what she does. Certainly not a yes women, she will call you out and correct you if she thinks your making a mistake rather then leading you down a blind alley. The actual wedding itself was something out, like out of a movie and almost all the guests commented it was the best wedding they had been to in a long time. On the day myself and my bride felt like a Prince and Princess! All of our friends warned us before hand that things will go wrong on the day and to roll with the punches but honest to god, everything went perfectly. The wedding was unbelievable and 3 days later me and my wife are still gutted it’s all over. We loved every minute of it. And between Emiliana, Benny and everyone who works with Amoretti weddings, you have the best of the best wedding planners. I’m not planning on getting married again, but if I were I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Absolute professionals and truly gifted at what they do! Me and my wife are truly indebted to them for creating a wedding we never thought possible! Thank you guys! You always tell me I am good with words, but no words can do justice to how amazing of a job you both did.

    thumb Krishan Perinetti-Khatri

    5 star review  Emiliana created an amazing bespoke design for our wedding invitations! Cannot be happier with the service, the quality as well as the extremely quick turn around (we left it a bit late, so it was critical in our case). Many thanks once again!

    thumb Nasos Tsarouchis

    5 star review  Thank you to Emiliana and Benny for the most amazing and special day. The service and support they provided from day one was first rate. The venue they found was breathtaking and their ability to adopt our plans to cope with uncharacteristic poor weather amazing. We would recommend them to anyone wanting an amazing Italian wedding. Perfect

    thumb Scott Egerton

We have the perfect wedding venue

Have you conceived your perfect wedding scene and don’t know how to go about it? Don’t worry. We have an impressive array of wedding scenes and locations in Italy and London, all customised to your taste. And if you want a memorable event, whatever the occasion may be, our creative gurus will give it to you.

For more information, you can contact us for a free consultation.

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