Wedding in Abbazia San Pietro In Valle, Umbria

In the heart of the mesmerising region of Umbria, We embraced Abbazia San Pietro in Valle with an enchanting Nature wedding; Nataly and James chose to embark on a journey of love in a marvellous villa near Perugia. This hidden gem stood proudly on a lofty point, affording one of the most breathtaking panoramic views nature has to offer.

Nestled within the villa’s expanse was an on-site church, the perfect setting for the couple’s religious ceremony. The exquisitely maintained ex-property of the church, with its never-ending views of nature’s beauty, set the stage for an intimate and serene celebration that would be engraved in the hearts of Nataly and James forever.

The villa, with its tranquil surroundings and an internal cloister, became a sanctuary for the couple’s vision of a calm and peaceful wedding immersed in the heart of nature. Here, in the green hills and under the vast Umbrian sky, Nataly and James envisioned a celebration that allowed them to savour every moment with their family and friends. Their special day unfolded in the villa’s embrace, with the entire wedding party immersed in the magical atmosphere. From the heartfelt ceremony to the celebrations within the villa, the day unfolded like a dream. Guests revelled in the serenity of the stay in the villa, enveloped by the peace that only nature can offer.

Amoretti was honoured to bring their vision to life, curating an intimate and soulful wedding that perfectly echoed the couple’s desire for a calm celebration immersed in the beauty of Umbria. In that marvelous villa near Perugia, Nataly and James found not just a venue, but a canvas for a day of love, peace, and long lasting memories.