Meera and Kunal's Destination Two-Days Indian Wedding

Meera and Kunal had a two-day destination Indian wedding celebration in Italy. On the first day, they started with the Baraat, a ceremony to kick off the wedding rituals. Kunal, wearing traditional clothes, arrived at the venue where Meera’s mother was waiting. She performed a special Aarti ceremony to keep away any bad vibes. Friends and family joined Kunal, dancing and going from his apartment to the wedding location.

Kunal, adorned in resplendent traditional attire, approached the wedding venue with exuberance. As he reached the entrance, he was greeted by the bride’s mother, who awaited him to perform the Aarti—a sacred ritual believed to neutralize any ill intentions. Accompanied by friends and relatives, the lively Baraat procession danced around Kunal, adding an infectious energy to the atmosphere as they made their way from his room to the wedding venue. In a beautiful red and gold Sari, Meera was escorted to the Mandap by her uncles in a procession called KanyaAagaman. Even though they were in the same place, Meera and Kunal couldn’t see each other yet. A white cloth kept them apart. The priest commenced the ceremony with the sacred Varmala ritual, presenting the couple with beautiful garlands to exchange—an exchange symbolic of their commitment. As the ceremony reached its pinnacle, the guests were invited to the hotel’s indoor hall, adorned in a captivating palette of pink, periwinkle, cornflower blue, lavender, pale lavender, and white. These colours, reminiscent of the day’s joy, were thoughtfully reused for the following day’s festivities.

The second day unfolded with a civil ceremony, a testament to the couple’s commitment recognized by the Italian legal code. In the enchanting Villa Zaira, amidst the tranquil charm of Muro Leccese, Meera and Kunal decided to exchange their vows. Despite the unforeseen rain challenge, the celebration seamlessly transitioned to plan B, bringing the festivities indoors. As the celebrant and legal translator of the Italian civil code, Benny, our wedding planner, had the honour of officiating the ceremony alongside the representative of the Town Hall of Muro Leccese. The couple, surrounded by the timeless elegance of Villa Zaira, exchanged vows that echoed in the hallowed halls, transcending the weather’s unpredictability.

Through rain and shine, Meera and Kunal’s wedding celebration became a testament to love’s resilience and the fusion of cultural traditions. Amoretti was privileged to play a role in crafting these unforgettable moments, ensuring that each detail, from the vibrant colours to the sacred rituals, contributed to the symphony of love that resonated throughout the two-day celebration.