Lindsey & Nick, Sorrento, Italy

Lindsey and Nick, unfolded tehir wedding in Villa Zagara, Sorrento. Hailing from the vibrant state of New Jersey, They embraced the allure of Italy for their wedding,, choosing the captivating Villa Zagara in Sorrento as their wedding venue. A gathering of 60 guests made the journey from the USA to partake in this wonderful celebration. The ceremony unfolded beneath a magnificent arch, lending an air of grandeur and romance to the proceedings. To echo the spirit of the Mediterranean, the dinner was adorned with a design inspired by the local culture, infusing the evening with a distinctly Italian charm.

Adding a delightful twist to tradition, Lindsey and Nick opted for Graffe, a local doughnut delicacy, in lieu of the conventional wedding cake, treating their guests to a sweet and unique culinary experience. The entire affair resonated with joy and festivity, creating an unforgettable atmosphere that turned the wedding party into a lively and cherished celebration. Villa Zagara served as the perfect backdrop for this union, encapsulating the essence of Sorrento’s enchantment and providing a setting where love and celebration seamlessly intertwined.