Wedding in Vincigliata Castle, Firenze, Italy

Kate and Mike had a lovely wedding at Vincigliata Castle!!

When Kate and Mike went to my office, there were so exciting to get married in Italy. I proposed them several venues, and then they decided to have fun in Firenze. A wedding in Vincigliata Castle in Firenze is always a lovely day.

As the meetings progressed, and with a cut of heart for the geometric theme we worked together to bring the wedding to a successful conclusion.
With numerous phone and text calls, Mike and Kate had a colourful and geometric wedding. All the stationery was made at the agency by our MarryMe by Amoretti designers. This makes the details more accessible to our clients.

For the D-Day, everything passed well. Bridegrooms were so pure and elegant through this geometric stationery.

Then our photographer did a really amazing job. All these bright colours have been superbly blended not to be too much and thus create an atmosphere around the happiness and joy of starting a life together.

The wedding was well managed and all attendees even bridegrooms can be enjoyed the party because I was here to bring all solutions and to let lovers have fun for the most beautiful day of their life.

We actually feel a bit sad that it’s all over and we won’t be having meetings at amoretti offices anymore, we want to do it all over again!

Love you guys