Florence Luxury Wedding Planners

Florence Luxury Wedding Planners

planning your wedding in Florence

In the heart of Italy, Florence is a city that offers timeless luxury and serves as the perfect canvas for your dream wedding. From the opulent Renaissance architecture that graces the city to the romantic ambiance of the Arno River, Florence embodies the essence of art and Love, making it an enchanting choice for your special day. Amoretti Luxury Wedding Planners is expert in ensuring that your wedding turns out a masterpiece in this iconic Italian setting with 15 years of experience in Italian wedding planning.

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Getting married in Florence

By celebrating your love in this city, you immerse yourself in the architectural splendor, artistic innovation, and sumptuous culinary heritage. As Expert luxury wedding planners, we pride ourselves on delivering the extraordinary, using our deep-rooted connections with Florence’s elite. Picture an exquisite dinner personally crafted by Michelin starred chefs within a historic villa, or an enchanting cocktail party along the Arno River. In Florence, your wedding will just be perfect.

Florence is one of the most famous locations to tie the knots in Italy. The suggested budget for get married in Florence is 100.000 Euro for our luxurious venues.
The general rule of thumb related to the wedding budget is that 50% of the cost of the wedding goes towards the venue and the catering.

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Luxury Wedding Venues in Florence

With us, Planning your wedding in Florence will be a magical experience. Take your pick of some of our favourite venues in Florence. Our portfolio contains over 300 venues all over Italy, contact us for more options to planning your wedding in Florence.

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Sardinia Italy Wedding Planner

Sardinia Italy Wedding Planners

get married in Sardinia

As Expert Sardinia Italy Wedding Planner we ensure you that Sardinia will fascinates you. The island offers enchanting sceneries where Nature shows itself in all its beauty with the most crystalline sea imaginable. Sardinia offers a magical setting for your special day. Amoretti wedding planners is expert in luxury italian destination weddings where we have given clients the wedding of their dreams at a competitive rate.

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Sardinia Italy Wedding Planners

If you’re looking for a luxury destination wedding where you and your guests can truly immerse yourselves in the picturesque surroundings, Sardinia’s beauty and vibes are unrivalled. Sacred beaches, untouched waters, the true taste of italian cuisine and just raw nature… providing an ideal setting for an unforgettable island luxurious wedding and celebration. As your dedicated wedding planners, we create unique experiences that blend the island’s allure with luxury. Sardinia Italy Wedding Planners, we will ensure that every moment becomes a cherished memory.

Sardiania’s Venues suggest a budget of 100.000 Euro for 100 guests.
The general rule for wedding budgets is that 50% of the cost of the wedding goes towards the venue and the catering.

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Sardinia Luxury Wedding Venues 

With us, Planning your wedding in Italy will be a magical experience. Take your pick of some of the venues in Sardinia. As Proffesional Sardinia Italy Wedding Planners, our Portfolio contains over 300 venues all over Italy. Contact us for more options.

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Venice Luxury Wedding Planners

Venice Luxury Wedding Planners

Get married in Venice, Italy

the city of love

Venice is a dreamlike location for your special day, the city of romance and theatre. As your Venice Luxury Wedding Planners, we are dedicated to curating an unforgettable celebration, from intimate ceremonies in charming canal-side locations to grand affairs in opulent Venetian palazzos. Let us guide you through the intricate beauty of Venice, ensuring that your wedding is a masterpiece of elegance and love, set in one of the most magical cities in the world.

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Top-Class Weddings In Venice

Our team is professional at getting you the perfect venue in Venice of  historical palazzos and contemporary hotels that offer a beautiful blend of old and new. We orchestrate every unforgettable detail, from the water taxi ride across the lagoon to the wedding party and ceremony planning.

To give you an indication, we can only tell you that in Venice the average cost of a wedding varies around 150k.
The wedding budget has 50% of the cost of the wedding allocated to the venue and the food.

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Luxurious Wedding Venues in Venice

Below are out top picks from Venice, although our portfolio consists of over 300 venues around Italy. Contact us for more options. Whatever your dream venue is, we will have access to it.

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