Stuart and Carlo celebrate a same-sex wedding in Italy

Love is unpredictable, unconditional and makes your world better! A same-sex wedding is the proof that gender doesn’t mean anything in love!

Stuart and Carlo decided to get married in Italy due to the Italian origin of one of them. Having a same-sex wedding in Italy means: happiness, great food, sun and gelato! Yes, gelato!

Carlo’s family arrived in the UK and made her fortune creating superb flavours. As result the couple wanted to honor this heritage, by putting gelati everywhere! The event theme was Italian wedding authenticity. It was an original way to put in relation the origins of the couple and the reason of their success in England.

“Family style” they wanted, “family style” they got ! Sharing moments with family is important, even more in a wedding day.

The simplest things are generally the best ones. Enjoy moments with family and friends makes the existence and the world even more beautiful. We did all we could to get our two grooms the best memories possible. The lavish interior of the castle, its typical decorations, were the perfect environment for our couple. This really charming venue pleased all the guests, and, thanks to its thick walls, the fresh air was well kept inside the venue.


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