A prohibitionist wedding in Puglia for Alanna and John

The roaring 20th, marked by Great Gatsby style, have witnessed the emergence of the fashion industry. Modern buildings, perfect geometries, extravagance and luxury became a whole Art.

After looking at a lot of possible venues, Tenuta Lucagiovanni and a wedding in Puglia appeared to be the perfect option to make Alanna and John’s wedding dream come true. When they came to our studio in London, Alanna described her wedding like something elegant with striking and bold colours at the same time. The first thing that came to our mind was “let’s do a themed wedding”!

Let’s make Alanna and John’s wedding looks like a Prohibition Party! A Great Gatsby style wedding was the most suitable choice for us! To give the idea of prohibitionism, the cocktails were served in tea cups during the reception drinks.

The mix of flamboyant and tradition is needed to have a successful great Gatsby wedding.Elegant furniture in an amazing natural location where large firs offer you intimates moments.

The design of the beautiful stationery was done by our amazing sister company MarryMe by Amoretti. Alanna and John also though of how to entertain their youngest guests! we suggested a bouncy castle and a tIppy with various games inside. The kids were super happy and had a lot of great time playing. The dinner was served in the orangery, on the tables as centerpieces elegant vases with inside feathers and flowers in romantic colors. No limits for luxury and beautiful details. We added some pearls and ribbons to remind of the Charleston spirit in this great Gatsby style wedding. On the plates amazing laser cut gold foil place cards/menus. We finished the night dancing on the gold dancefloor, made with the logo of the couple.