Luxe Wedding in Villa Vergine, Casino Royale

Tarryn and Andrew’s wedding was magical, A casino royale wedding in villa Vergine blending English and South African heritage, a vibrant celebration unfolded in a series of uniquely charming settings. Amoretti had the privilege of planning a truly magical experience that began with a lively street party welcoming the couple’s guests. The heart of their union found expression in a civil ceremony at Villa Virgine, where the couple exchanged vows in the enchanting secret garden, offering an intimate moment for their big day. The celebration continued with an Italian alfresco dining experience along the villa’s facade, capturing the essence of Italian charm.

The true surprise awaited as the evening progressed. The party seamlessly transitioned to another secret part of the villa, an orchard transformed into a vibrant dance floor with an open bar. As the clock struck midnight, an unexpected Surprise unfolded: a casino arrangement awaited the guests. The tables were concealed upon arrival, hiding the presence of the casino until the big reveal. Illuminated by strategically placed lights, the tables were unveiled, and guests were taken aback by the unexpected thrill. The personalized touch was evident in the fun-filled casino games. Specially created money by marry me amoretti, bearing the faces of the bride and groom, was distributed among the guests. The ambiance transformed as laughter and cheers filled the air, guests enjoying the games with fervor, their evening further enriched by the surprise element of the casino.

Tarryn and Andrew’s wedding was a testament to the art of weaving surprises into moments of pure celebration and creating lasting memories for all who were fortunate enough to be a part of this unique and unforgettable day.