Wedding in Abruzzo, Gatsby Goes to Cuba

In the heart of the enchanting Abruzzo National Park, with the beauty of Maiala Mountain surrounding , Annapaola and Alessandro embarked on their love wedding journey. The theme, “Gatsby Goes to Cuba” seamlessly blended the glamour of 1920s Art Decor design with a vibrant tropical twist. Their chosen location, overlooking the majestic Maiala Mountain, provided a picturesque view for a celebration that exuded sophistication. The main decorative palette featured a refined blend of white and hints of pink, setting the stage for an atmosphere of classic romance and tropical allure.

The festivities began with a civil ceremony held in the cloister of an old monastery, a venue filled with history and an air of vintage elegance. Against the backdrop of ancient stones, Anna and Alessandro exchanged their vows, surrounded by the charm of the monastery’s cloister. As the sun dipped below the peaks of Maiala, the celebration shifted gears, transforming into a vibrant soirée inspired by the spirit of Gatsby. The Fuzzy Dice live band, with their rockabilly tunes, set the stage for a night of lively dancing. The groom, Alessandro, a musician himself, took the stage to perform a special song for his bride, an intimate moment that got everyone emotional.

The fusion of Art Deco aesthetics and tropical vibes was reflected in every detail — from the lavish table settings with white and pink accents to the Gatsby-inspired attire. The air was filled with the lively rhythms of the Fuzzy Dice band, their tunes transporting everyone back to the energetic ambiance of the 1920s. With the scenic grandeur of Abruzzo, Annapaola and Alessandro’s wedding unfolded like a chapter from a romantic novel. Amoretti weddings was thrilled to curate an experience that seamlessly blended the allure of Gatsby with the vibrant spirit of Cuba, crafting a celebration that was as unique and dynamic as the couple themselves. We Wish the couple a happily ever after, they were wonderful to work with with!