Philippa and James in La Badia di Orvieto

Philippa and James were looking for a romantic and typical wedding venue in Umbria to celebrate their love. The couple didn’t know how to get the wedding they were dreaming of and so asked for Amoretti’s help. The wedding in La Badia di Orvieto was the right suggestion for us. This full of charm city, Orvieto, is situated on the top of a hill and has a long history behind it. As a matter of fact, the city dates from 1290. Since then this place has transcended the ages and is now more beautiful than ever. The getting ready took place in the enchanted rooms of La Badia di Orvieto.

Our couple opted for an original way to celebrate their wedding! in fact, after the ceremony, they choose to have the reception dinner inside. Consequently, the colours used for the decoration of the table were light and bright, to capt better the luminosity of the place. After dinner, the bride and groom had a little romantic walk to enjoy the so amazing view the place was offering. All guests enjoyed the party that took also place inside La Bardia di Orvieto. In Italy the weather can be really warm, so the idea of continuing the party inside was great and kept all the guests in a cool atmosphere. The venue’s walls were made of stones so the freshness of the place was really well kept. Thanks to that, everybody was dancing without feeling the outside heat.

We really enjoyed this indoor wedding at La Bardia di Orvieto. It was like a dream when the sun went down in the evening. We felt as well the romantic atmosphere of the place and keep a wonderful memory of the venue and all the celebration. The result was wonderful, full of colors, and full of joy. The geometric decorations contrasted to perfection Vincigliata castle old architecture, for a modern and charming result that you can see in the photos below.

The wedding stationery was made by MarryMe by Amoretti, which based its work on the geometric given theme. As you can see, also our designer did a great job! The D-Day passed smootly. The bride and the groom were really elegant and gave life to this old castle. All of the guests had the best time, Vincigliata castle was marvellous. Our photographer managed to traduce to perfection the love atmosphere that was all around. We planned everything to perfection and let the lovers chill and relax and only enjoy the most beautiful day of their life. If you are looking for a wedding in a castle we believe, this one in particular gives you the best of the vibes. We were actually very sad to end the night, it was a real pleasure to work with Kate and Mike!