Tiana and Krishan, a lovely wedding affair in Puglia

Tiana and Krishan were searching for an elegant and romantic wedding venue in Italy, that could accommodate their intimate wedding party. It was essential for them to have an outdoor wedding, but they also wanted to enjoy the indoor spaces.

Having an outdoor wedding means that you have to find a place where is less likely to rain. Well, Puglia is for sure one of the hottest region in Italy! Villa Vergine, which is located in the very south of it, the perfect wedding venue to celebrate a stunning outdoor wedding. Villa Vergine’s charm, refinement and history, it was built in 1700; it’s nothing compared to the majestic of its gardens.

The classic style of Villa Vergine, its finely furnished interior spaces, blend well with the exterior landscapes! with attention to every detail which make it a romantic and elegant wedding venue in Puglia.

Before the wedding ceremony, the bride and her bridesmaids were getting ready into the luxury bridal room that Villa Vergine gives to the couples for the wedding day. Although we could not guarantee that the weather would be nice, that day we were lucky! Villa Vergine was shining and we could decorate the venue as planned and have the outdoor wedding.

Tiana and Krishan’s romantic and elegant project was full of flowers and the teamed colours were the various shades of pink, white and a bit of blue. The reception was great, sublime food was served and divine wines, as Puglia is a great provider, were given.

We had a blast arranging this wedding and the couple was fun to hang out with! you could see the love between them! Villa Vergine was amazing and the event itself very successful. We wish to Tiana and Krishan eternal love and happiness.